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Bottling en Tirage

How to record a Bottling en Tirage action

  1. Select the Bottling en Tirage from the Lot details page "Record action"
  2. Select your lot from the dropdown or lot picker
  3. Select one or move vessels to remove volume from
  4. InnoVint defaults to remove the entire contents of each vessel. If you need to remove a partial volume from a vessel, adjust the value in the "Remove" or "Ending Fill" columns.
  5. Select a lot to transfer volume into
    • Retain lot code - to keep the volume in the same lot
    • Combine with existing lot - to move the volume into another lot that already exists 
    • Create a new lot - to move the volume into a new, separate lot
  6. Select one or more vessels to transfer the volume into. Adjust the "Add" or "Ending Bottles" columns as needed.
  7. Select to save the lees to a different lot or not.
    • To transfer volume into multiple lots, click on + Add Lot under the Transfer to header.
  8. Double-check the action summary for correctness. Any losses or gains as a result of the transfer will be calculated as the Net Change. Volume losses and gains for declared lots are reported on the TTB 5120.17 report as Inventory Losses and Inventory Gains.
  9. Click on to submit the action.
  10. Update the Stage to En Tirage if desired