Cost Calculation Date Explanation

You will see a banner on the Lot Cost Report and Cost over Time Report that reads:

cost banner


You may also see this notification under the Cost tab on the Lot Details Page:

orange cost banner

InnoVint has a very complex way of tracking all your costs across all your lots, retaining the integrity of the cost category breakdown from fruit to current inventory. To calculate all these cost changes over time we have to crunch these numbers through all your movements across your entire winery (including granular movements such as when you top 30 lots with the same topping wine!). This can sometimes take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the complexity of your entries in InnoVint.

For this reason, there are only three reports that we do not update in real-time with backdated cost item entries: Lot Cost Report, Cost Over Time Report, and the Cost tab on the Lot Details Page. We update these reports every night at midnight so by the next day you'll have accurate, current cost data.

For example, if you proportionally distribute labor costs across last month's inventory as of a date in the past, the lots involved (and any other lots involved in movements with these lots since the backdated date) will not automatically update to show current lot cost values. (However, cost items and movement actions as of today's date should update in real-time)

Do you need these report to show active costs right now? Here's what you can do:

Once you have all your backdated cost items entered, reach out to us and we'll update this report behind the scenes for you to show your active, current cost breakdowns.