Feature Option: Simple Additions vs Additions using the Dry Goods Batch Tracking & Calculator

This article provides a side-by-side comparison of the Dry Goods Batch Tracking & Addition Calculator vs simple additions in InnoVint:

Simple Additions

    • No tracking of additive inventory
    • All additives are manually calculated by the user and entered as numerical values within a direct action or work order task

Dry Goods Batch Tracking & Additive Calculator

    • Individual additive batches are tracked by weight, volume, or individual units
    • On-hand inventory is depleted as additives are used per batch
    • InnoVint calculates how much to add per vessel/lot based on user-set additive rates
    • Option to add multiple additives and batches to one or more lots in a single action or task

Simple Additions

The specifics and details of each addition are entered manually as text in the Notes and Details sections of the action or work order task.

In the example below we've entered the batch number and total amount of the additive used in the Notes section, and in the Details section we've indicated the addition rate, the amount of SO2 solution that has been added to each vessel type, and instructions on how to make the addition.

Tip: For multiple additions to a single lot we recommend recording separate actions or assigning separate tasks within a work order for each additive. Additions to multiple lots also requires a separate action/task for each.

When you have recorded a simple addition, your additions history will look like this:

Dry Goods Batch Tracking & Additive Calculator

Additive and packaging inventory and associated batches are tracked in the Dry Goods Explorer navigation tab.

The Dry Goods Batch Tracking Feature with Addition Calculators is an add-on feature. For more information, see our article Navigating the Dry Goods Explorer. To activate, please contact support@innovint.us.

When recording an addition action or assigning an addition task in a work order, the additive(s) are selected from the current available inventory. The amount of each additive to use for each vessel is automatically calculated based on the vessel fill, and the total amount used is subtracted from your inventory. Multiple additives and multiple batches can be added to multiple lots within the same action or work order. 

 A submitted action will look like this in your additions history: