Reporting on Additions Per Lot

This article covers:

Additions Tab

The Additions Tab is found on the Lot Details Page.

This tab shows all the additions made on the lot, and includes the date and time of the recorded action, the additive name, all involved lots and vessels in the Addition action and the amount of each additive added.

Each individual Addition action can also be seen in more detail by clicking the row or on the blue arrow on the far right.

Additive History Report

The Additive History Report will provide a csv export of all actions and adjustments involving additives for a specified period of time, and can be filtered by Lot. 

Find the Additive History Report in your Activity Reports in the Report Explorer, and specify a timeframe to view. 

If the report doesn't appear to download, please check the tips here. This report does require you to accept pop-ups in order to download.