Lot Details Page

The Lot Details Page is the home base for all details regarding a specific lot and there is a huge amount of data to explore. In this article, we cover:

What's on the Dashboard?

  • Lot code, lot name and action menus (record actions and change lot properties here) 
    • Use the 'Record action' dropdown to select an action to perform on the lot.
      • In most cases, the selected action will auto-select the lot.
      • Some actions are only available in this action menu (B2B within InnoVint Winery and B2B to another InnoVint Winery).
    • Use the 'More' dropdown in the upper right to manage the lot.

      • Select "Change lot properties" to edit the Lot code, Lot name, Lot color or Lot style (if the  Sparkling module is activated).
      • Delete a lot. Lots cannot be deleted if they've ever had any activity recorded on them - they must be archived instead.

      • Archive your lot. Hide this lot from most default views across the platform. All lot history is saved ad available for recall. Lots also cannot be archived with contents - the volume must be depleted first. 

      • Open a standalone page (applicable to the open lot details tab, including Additions and Composition) for easy printing

Your Dashboard includes: 

  • Attributes: quickly view and edit these properties with an asterisk*
    • Expected yield in volume/weight (during harvest, for lots in weight)*
    • Expected volume (during harvest, for lots in weight)
    • Bond
    • Stage*
    • Fill volume
    • Approximate cases
    • Tax Class*
    • Intended Use (if activated)
    • Sparkling designation
    • Tags*
    • Owners* (if activated)
    • Notes*

      * The blue pencil opens up edit functionality for that attribute
  • Analysis: This dashboard widget displays the most recent set of analyses according to the Lot Stage. Find out how to customize your display here
  • Vessels: this widget provides a summary of all vessels containing your lot, grouped by vessel type and capacity. Click on the arrow or the Vessels tab to see a full list by vessel. 
  • Open Work Orders: displays any open (un-submitted) work order containing the lot. Click straight into a work order from here. 
  • Recent history: shows the last three actions on the lot. Click on "See all" or the History tab to find the complete activity history. 
  • Composition: a simple varietal breakdown is shown on the dashboard. Click See all or the Composition tab to see all lot components. 
  • Notes: save text, photos or file attachments to your lot. 

Beyond the Dashboard: Exploring your tabs

Use the tabs across the top of the Dashboard to dive deeper into each aspect of the lot. 

  • Analysis
    • Access multiple views of results such as analysis grouped by date or vessel, graphed results, a built in sugar/temperature graph for harvest, or view all analysis in a list (access analyses for export, edits or deletion here). 
  • Additions
    • View a list of all addition actions made to the lot
  • Vessels
    • See and interact with a complete vessel list and also opt to print it as a pdf list
  • History
    • View the lot's full activity history, and also find the lot properties history (Lot code, Lot name, Stage, Lot style and Archived status changes can be viewed here) 
  • Timeline
    • Check out a visual overview of actions that have occurred over the life of your lot
  • Composition
    • Find your vintage, varietal, appellation, appellation-varietal and vineyard breakdowns here.  You can also export all components in the lower Components widget
  • Cost (if COGS Tracking activated)
    • See the cost history on a lot including cost changes due to movement actions and added or removed indirect costs