Lot Details Page

The Lot Details Page is the home base for all details regarding a specific lot.


  • Lot name
  • Lot code
  • Expected yield (during harvest)*
  • Bond
  • Stage*
  • Fill volume
  • Approximate cases
  • Tax Class*
  • Sparkling designation
  • Tags*
  • Notes*

*The blue pencil opens up edit functionality for that attribute

Use the tabs across the top to dive deeper into each aspect of the lot. 

  • Analysis
  • Addition history
  • Current vessels
  • Activity history
  • Timeline view
  • Lot composition
  • Cost data & lot cost history (if Cost Tracking activated)


Use the 'More' dropdown in the upper right to manage the lot.

Note: lots cannot be deleted with history or with contents - they must be archived instead. Lots cannot be archived with contents - the volume must be depleted first.