3/23/2022 Release Notes: Vessel Location Tracking

The software releases for March 23, 2022 include: 

New Features

Managing and Using Vessel Locations 

This new feature in InnoVint allows users to add location information to any vessel. Users can create an unlimited amount of vessel locations or areas within InnoVint, then add location information to each vessel (or to multiple vessels at once). Because vessel location can be tracked within InnoVint, users can skip the physical walk around the winery to find their wine.

User can set vessel parameters based on the terminology used in their own winery.

Vessels can be tracked to exact locations or general areas in the winery. Locations can easily be changed or deleted as vessels move around. 

See this article for more information. 


New Tags in Vineyard Report Exports

The following vineyards report exports now include multiple categories of tags. 

  • Fruit Cost Worksheet - Tags (blocks) and Tags (vineyards) 
  • Fruit Intake Report - Tags (lot), Tags (vineyard), and Tags (block)
  • Fruit Cost Report - Tags (lot), Tags (vineyard) and Tags (block)

Bug Fixes

  • Disgorge action incorrectly populating the 5120.17 report
  • TTB Report: Sweetening Juice also reported as Fermenting Juice

  • B2B submitted tasks with removed vessels not deletable
  • Custom Analysis Report not saving #of results
  • Fully deplete packaging batch checkbox in Bottle action/task
  • Remove proportional costs with Volume Adjustment (Case Goods) action
  • Deplete packaging batch in Bottle action/task checkbox missing
  • Owner tags transferring lots on movement actions
  • Process action overwriting the fill lot stage
  • Remove proportional costs with Volume Adjustment (Case Goods) actions

  • Separate units into separate columns on all exports