Intended Use Overview


Intended Use is currently a "beta" feature.  Have feedback or encounter an issue? Let us know at !


Plan allocations for specific wine programs across all InnoVint wineries in your organization (an organization is a group of wineries - this may be one or many).

  • View the summary of programs and add new programs in Intended Use Explorer
    You can edit target volumes and tag/notate programs here:

  • Programs are available across a user’s organization: any program created within the organization is available to all users in that organization 
  • Wine lots are available to allocate per a user's individual access permissions - if a user does not normally have permissions to access a wine, they will not be able to allocate Intended Use to it. 
  • Intended Use tags will display in Lot Explorer and are available as filters in many reports.
  • Edit program in Intended Use details card
    • See over and under allocations within a program
    • Export allocated lots to csv file
    • Save notes
    • View relevant drain transactions that impact your targeted volume
  • Add, edit or remove intended use gallons for a specific lot within the attributes panel of your Lot Details page.
  • Intended Use allocations does not automatically update Allocations with movements: a user must update allocations after movements are completed. 

Allocations are updated in one case: if blending an ALL allocation (i.e. drain lot) into an empty lot (i.e. fill lot), that has no allocation, InnoVint will add an ALL allocation onto the fill lot