InnoVint + Commerce 7 Integration

This article covers:

What is the InnoVint+Commerce7 integration?

Users must have both a Commerce7 account and an InnoVint account with Case Goods enabled in order to use this function. 

The InnoVint + Commerce7 integration creates a grape to bottle to DTC sales solution for users. You can now create a product in Commerce7 from InnoVint in a few clicks using information already available on your case goods lot.

Installing the integration

  1. Log in to both InnoVint and Commerce7 (not required, but it makes things a heck of a lot easier).
  2. Navigate to the Commerce7 apps page here:
  3. Search, find and select the InnoVint app.
  4. Click Install App:
  5. You may be prompted to sign in to C7, and then will be taken to this screen to complete the install. The Install Steps tab will walk you through next steps:

    Enter your InnoVint Winery ID, InnoVint User Email address and click Continue.

To install, you’ll need your InnoVint Winery ID.  If you don't know your Winery ID, you can login to Innovint and copy the Winery ID from the URL bar in your browser. For example, given the url:, the Winery ID would be: 768585

You’ll see a success message and can jump over to InnoVint to start using this thing!

How to create a product in Commerce 7

  1. Navigate to a Case Good detail page in InnoVint. Check out the new Commerce7 Attribute and Create Product link in your Case Good Lot Attributes:


  2. Clicking the Create product link opens a pop-up that has the required Commerce7 Product fields pre-populated (using your InnoVint case good info). Review, make tweaks as needed, and click Create product.

    Please note that the appellation/region fields are populated based on data in Commerce7;  they will only pre-populate if the InnoVint lot composition matches an existing appellation in Commerce.  Reach out to Commerce7 support to have a missing appellation added.

  3. The product is immediately created in Commerce7, and the Commerce 7 attribute in InnoVint updates with the new created date and time:
  4. Here’s what that product looks like in Commerce7:
  5. The product is now fully editable in Commerce7, so that you can add in more detail, photos, and edit to your heart’s content! The integration with InnoVint gets you started - you can take it from here in Commerce7!

Important Points

      • Users must have a Commerce 7 account to use this integration.
      • There is a 1:1 relationship between your winery ID and the Commerce7 storefront. You cannot link multiple InnoVint wineries to the same Commerce7 account. 
      • Users can create multiple Commerce7 products from the same case goods lot in InnoVint.  As long as the required fields are unique, a new product will be created (and added to the ‘Created at date/time’ drop-down in InnoVint)
      • Currently, this is a one-way integration - any edits made in Commerce7 will not affect the InnoVint case good product in any way.
      • This integration is completely free and available to all users with case goods.