InnoApp: How to Receive Fruit

The Receive Fruit task can be used on InnoApp to bring fruit into the winery via work order in real time.

1.   Tap on the Task to view the Task details and start the task.  

2.   You will see different options depending on whether you are using Simple or Advanced Receive Fruit:


In the Task details screen, use the More menu at the bottom left of the screen to SKIP a task if it is unstarted, to UNSTART a task if it is started, or to UNCOMPLETE a task, if it is completed. You will not see the More menu here after task submission.  


3(a).  For Simple Receive Fruit, tap into the Fruit Lot(s) to see or edit the expected weight to receive, and to enter your net fruit weight.   


3(b). For Advanced Receive Fruit,  use the "Add weighing group" button to begin entering weights:


  • When you add your weighing groups, first select your desired tare container and then enter the number of tare containers per weigh group.  Next, enter the gross weight for that group of containers, and InnoVint will calculate the net Fruit weight for the group. InnoVint saves the entry automatically.
  • Hit the back arrow to go back to the Fruit Lot and add additional weighing groups, i.e. where each group = 2 macro bins on the scale.
  • Use "Add tare container" if you need to use a second gross tare weight to calculate a correct net weight. You might use this if you are utilizing a truck scale for a truck carrying macro bins, or weighing a pallet holding lugs:

In the Weighing group screen, use the "More" menu to Delete a weighing group or Remove unwanted tare containers.

    4.   Advanced Receive Fruit users should check the Fruit Lot details screen to review weigh groups.
    5.    All users should review the Task details screen to make sure all information is correct before Submitting.

    6.   Once the task is completed and you're all set, you can choose to submit either the individual task, or the entire work order (if all tasks on the work order are completed).

InnoApp doesn't currently support adding your sugar readings in the Receive Fruit action. You will need to submit this via the desktop app (or add the reading to the task via the desktop app after submitting the task in InnoApp).