InnoApp: How to complete a Rack and Return

This article explains how to complete and submit Rack and Return tasks in InnoApp:

Rack and Return

  1. Select your work order and tap into the Task details:
  2. From the Task details page, you will be able to edit lot vessels and volumes on the "Lot to Rack" by tapping anywhere on the lot. The lot summary here will show the total requested lot volume change - in the case of a Rack and Return, this may be a zero net change - and the number of selected involved vessels (or the vessel code if it is a single vessel).
  3. Edit vessel volumes by tapping on the "Ending fill" fields in the Lot details screen. You can also scan to check off, or add more vessels here, using the Quick menu at the bottom right. This field is for the Ending volume on a vessel AFTER the Rack and Return is completed in the cellar. 

    Make sure to record the volume change here if you lose a barrel when racking back:  

    1. White highlighted fields are available for edit, or tap the blue "Ending Fill" to find your bulk update options for multiple vessels.
    2. Tap to the left of the vessel icons to check off vessels as they are emptied or filled.
    3. Tap on the three dots to see your Quick Menu options to add additional vessels via search or scanning - or to scan to check off vessels.
    4. When you are done updating lots, hit the back arrow to return to the Task details page.
  4. The Holding Vessels field cannot be updated in this task. Please use Notes if required. 
  5. The option to add breakdown vessels in the same lot code will populate automatically.  Click into the "Break Down Vessels" lot in order to update or add vessels here via scan or search. You can leave this blank (do not added vessels) if you did not utilize additional vessels. 

    Lees lots must be added at Work Order creation.
  6. After updating all lot and vessel volumes, go back to the Task details screen to tap Complete Task.
  7. If permissions are available, and the task is Complete, you will be able to Submit the task (or work order) as of the desired time.


Q. I don't see open fields to update the volume - how do I update the volume on a vessel?

A. Make sure you have clicked into the Lot details screen.  If you do not have any white highlighted vessel volume fields to update, please check to see if the task is already completed.  You will not be able to update volumes after the task is completed.

Q. How can I unstart or uncomplete a task?

A. Use the "More" menu, found on the Task details screen. You will be able to SKIP a task if it is unstarted, to UNSTART a task if it is started, or to UNCOMPLETE a task, if it is completed. You will not see the More menu here after task submission.  

Q. Can I add another lot to the task?

A. The Rack and Return task does not support adding or removing lots. Use an additional Rack and Return task (added via the desktop app) if you want to Rack and Return another lot.