4/20/21 Release Notes - Roll Forward Cost Report, Auto-Download BOLs

The software releases for the week of April 20, 2021 include:

New Feature:

Roll Forward Cost Report

The NEW Roll Forward Report is a csv export that details the costs that were both input and removed during a reporting period (for accounts with Costing activated). Learn more about it here



Auto-download BOLs

When you click to generate a Bill of Lading in InnoVint, the PDF will now automatically download to your computer, saving you an extra step and ensuring that your BOLs are digitally saved for future reference.

Previously, when generating a BOL, a new window would open to access the PDF.


Contract Explorer

  • You now have the ability to create one Buy along with multiple Sell contracts for the same block (for accounts with Costing and Advanced Vineyard Tracking activated)
  • The Contact Explorer can now be exported


Vineyard Explorer

  • Export now includes varietals
  • Vineyard details page now includes varietal in the Recent Analyses section 
  • All block names must be unique within a single vineyard
  • The Grower Explorer is now exportable (for accounts with Advanced Vineyard Tracking activated)

Other Improvements

  • Production Losses report now includes involved lots and owner tags (for accounts with Owner-based permissions activated)
  • Bond to bond movements now included when filtering for Show only movements in the Winery Activity Feed
  • New lab source "Admeo" 

Bug Fixes

  • Edit vineyard events with multiple blocks
  • Ability to add multiple blocks at one time
  • Vintages tab now in chronological order
  • Additive & batch history on-hand amounts update accordingly
  • Ability to delete lots with no actions ever recorded
  • ETS sample explorer filter 
  • Add new additives during an edit action