12/14/20 Release Notes - New Recent Analyses Report and Tax Class Columns in Winery Activity Feed Export!

The software releases for the week of December 14, 2020 include:

New Feature:

Recent Analyses Report

In your Report Explorer, you will now find a Recent Analyses report. With this report, you can either choose to pull analysis results recorded today or since a certain date and export to a csv file. 



Tax Class Columns in Winery Activity Feed Export

New columns for Tax Classes at Time of action (column F), and lot breakdown by lot code, tax class, and volume change per action (begins on column U). 

Bug Fixes:

  • Varietal display in Lot Explorer
  • Lot Explorer exports
  • Vineyard block details page
  • Topping action text
  • ETS filter now sorts by client
  • Vessel labels for accounts in metric
  • Fruit lot codes - varietals with accents 
  • Winery Activity Feed date filter