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Harvest Launchpad

This feature is available only with specific subscription levels (currently included with our "Grow" module.  If you'd like to find out more, please reach out to InnoVint Support at support@innovint.us

The Harvest Launchpad is a single interface for crushpad operations. It's a great tool for planning what equipment you will need ready that week based on your incoming fruit. 

Access the Harvest Launchpad from the Vineyard Dashboard (click on Launchpad from the Quick Links at the top) or by selecting Harvest Launchpad from the left navigation bar (Vineyards > Harvest Launchpad).

The Harvest Launchpad displays all open work orders that contain at least one Receive Fruit task, and any submitted work orders for the current day. Un-submitted work orders from previous days will also populate the launchpad.

Ex. In the screenshot below, a completed, but unsubmitted, work order from Tuesday, Sept. 3 is displayed at the top.

The current date shows a completed and submitted work order from 9:00am, as well as a started work order with a 10:00am timestamp.

There are 2 blocks scheduled to receive the following day, Thursday, Sept 5.

For each date, you can see the aggregated total expected or received tonnage for the day by color (ie red, white, and rosé). As work orders are submitted, the total tonnage shown will update accordingly.

Under each date, each Receive Fruit task is shown with:

  • The expected time of arrival
  • Expected tonnage for the task
  • Any notes on the Receive Fruit task
  • Work order icon showing the status (ie not started, started, completed)
  • "Open work order" button, or "Received" with a link to the action details
  • Vineyard name
  • Block Name
  • Expected tonnage from the block with color icon

If unscheduled fruit is received (ie without a work order), the button in the top right corner will open a Receive Fruit direct action page.


Watch the excerpt from our Harvest Academy video below to learn more about the Harvest Launchpad!