10/10/18 - New Analysis Source Logos, Ferm Gen Printing, Editing Work Order Improvements, and more!

The software release on 10/10/18 includes:

New features:

  • Printable Ferm Gen!

Now you can print the Fermentation Work Order Generator in a single document (with or without selected analyses, additions, tasks, and/or assignees) to distribute in the cellar. And also create separate printouts for each assignee if needed!

  • Other NEW! Ferm Gen features
    • Warning icon : Hover over the icon for details of when the last fermentation action was recorded.
    • View most recent analysis data by value. Click "Show recent analysis values" to display the 3 most recent Brix and Temps readings with date and time, instead of showing the Brix and Temps sparklines.


  • Improvements to Harvest Work Order editing
    • Receive Fruit task: add and remove Fruit Lots from the work order
    • Process Fruit task: add and remove Fruit Lots to process and also lots to fill
    • Addition task: add and remove Additives from an addition (must have the Additive Batch Tracker and Additions Calculator add-on activated)
  • Now you can Filter by Due date in the Work Order Explorer
  • Printed Weigh Tags (part of the Advanced Receive Fruit option) are reconfigured to make more room for multiple fruit sources.
  • Chose the wrong reason for a Volume Adjustment or Bond to Bond transfer? Now you can edit the reason from the action details page.

Bug fixes:

  • Fruit lots are now visible in the lot selector for work order tasks. Previously hidden unless the filter was switched.
  • Work Order icon display fix in the Vessel Explorer
  • Starting costs in the Cost Over Time report now display as $0 if the start date of the report pre-dates lot creation and/or recorded costs.