08/31/18 - Upgraded Fermentation Work Order Generator and more

Release 3.2.0 includes the following:


The Fermentation Work Order Generator (Ferm Gen) is a tool in InnoVint to help you create multiple tasks and work orders for fermentation management during harvest. We have recently overhauled the report by adding new features such as:

  • Brix and Temp trend lines
  • Requesting panels rather than individual analyses (less clicks)
  • Requesting complex additions tied to additive inventory
  • Vessel codes pinned to the left and the right (to avoid having to scroll horizontally)
  • AM/MID/PM indicator options

More information on the feature can be found in this dedicated support center article.


Other improvements include:

  • Significant performance improvements to speed up the site
  • Updated lot cost algorithm to freeze costs in the event of a partially bottled lot
  • New backdating lock for cost items
  • Harvest calendar now shows total tonnage across all Owners to all winery members
  • Additive calculator updated to respect expected volume on a lot tracked in weight
  • Notes can now be saved on work orders
  • New rosé fruit icon 
  • Other minor bug fixes to improve your experience