03/19/18 - Custom Report Filters Save, Composition Breakdown by Volume, and more

The software release on 3/19/18 includes:


  • Filters selections save when saving a custom report

  • Composition sub-tab on Lot Detail Page now includes gallons per component

  • Task breakdown added to Work Order Explorer

  • When assigning a work order, the user drop down list will only show users that have permission to receive work orders
  • Custom Report exports now include lot volumes
  • Fluid ounces are now a bottled volume unit in the Bottling action and task

Bug Fixes

  • Bond to Bond Transfer actions now populate on Calendar
  • Bottling report: pH and TA columns are no longer transposed
  • Lot dot colors fixed in vessel explorer
  • Now able to filter for topping wine vessels that were depleted from if the topping wine is changed mid task/action
  • Bottling task details cleanup when task is collapsed in open work order
  • Graphical Brix/Temp trend fix for date alignment per data set