Transferring Gallons

The Transfer task can be completed using the app on your mobile device as well as on the main web app. If the destination vessel(s) were not selected upon creation of the work order, you can choose them now by clicking into the Transfer to "Vessels" button and clicking "Add Vessel".

Search for your desired destination vessel by typing into the search box and clicking on the specific one you want. Click into this vessel to add gallonage. 

Click into the "Add" section of the vessel and enter the gallonage of your destination vessels. Confirm the actual ending contents are correct before moving on. 

If you decide to save the Lees from your transfer, you can click into the Lees "Vessels" section to add gallons to that vessel. 

Click into the "Add" column for each vessel you are filling and enter in the gallonage going into that particular vessel. Save the amount entered and confirm the value is correct before continuing.  

Review the summary the ensure all information looks right and the vessels and net change are what you want. Complete the task and submit the work order to get your Transfer into the system.