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Fruit Intake Report

The Fruit Intake Report displays all the fruit received during harvest via Receive Fruit direct action or work order task.

This article covers:

Using the report

Find this report from either the Reporting or Vineyard pages:

  • Reporting > Activity Reports > Fruit Intake
  • Vineyards > Fruit Intake Report (with the Grow module activated)
  • Vineyards > Vineyard Dashboard > Fruit Intake (with the Grow module activated)

This report displays:

  • Weigh tag number
  • Received date
  • Weight
  • Fruit lot code
  • Owners (if owner-based permissions activated)
  • Vintage
  • Last brix reading recorded with date  
  • Varietal
  • Vineyard
  • Block
  • Clone
  • Appellation
  • Pricing District (California wineries only)
  • Grower
  • Weighing Location
  • Deputy Weighmaster

Results can be sorted by using any of the headers including, but not limited to, weight tag #, date, variety, appellation, etc.  

Search results can also be narrowed down by selecting from th e filter drop-downs. If the Vineyard filter is utilized, you will also see the Block filter appear (containing the selected vineyards' blocks).  Use the Voided filter to show voided weigh tags (available with the Advanced Receive Fruit option).

California Grape Crush Report:

This report is a great resource for filling out your California Grape Crush Report. If you record a sugar reading in a Receive Fruit action (and it is the most recent sugar reading recorded on the fruit lot), the report will display that number. 

This report shows the most recent brix recorded on the fruit lot; it does not record the brix per weigh tag. If you are receiving fruit in multiple picks on the same fruit lot, then the final brix of the fruit lot is displayed here for all weigh tags related to that fruit lot. 

InnoVint automatically includes the Pricing District information for all California wineries, but if you don't see this column - please reach out to us at support@innovint.us, we'll get you fixed up!


Download and Print Weigh Tags (Advanced Receive Fruit Option)


Click on a row to pull up the Receive Fruit action. You will be able to download and print the weigh tag from the Action details page.


Use the filters at the top of the report to parse out the weigh tags you'd like to download, then click on Download weigh tags in the top right corner.