Printing Work Orders

From the Work Order detail page, you will see two options in the upper right hand corner:

Option 1: Print Full Work Order - This launches your printer dialog box to print the work order with all vessel and lot lists expanded in each task. You can print this page or Save as PDF. 

Option 2: Open Summarized Vessel View - This opens a new tab that loads the tasks showing only vessel summaries aggregated by type and capacity, not the entire individual vessel list. Allow the interface to load, then click the button at the top to print, which opens up the printer dialog box. 

Option 1 is preferred when the full vessel code list is critical to complete the task. Option 2 is preferred if the vessel codes are not important and an abbreviated, summarized version will be easier to follow to complete the task.

Important printer settings for optimal experience:

In the print dialog in Chrome:

1. Click 'More Settings"
2. Set Margins to "minimum"
3. Toggle OFF "Headers and footers"
4. Toggle ON "Background graphics"

An example of the difference between the two options is as follows.

Say you have a Transfer work order to move 42 barrels and 1 carboy from 1 lot into a tank. With the first option to print the full work order you will open up a page that looks like this with all of the barrels and carboy listed out one by one:


With the second option, Print Summarized Vessel View, you will launch a new browser tab, which summarizes the 42 barrels (since they are all 60 gal capacity) in a single row. The carboy follows as a different vessel type. If only 1 vessel exists in a type and capacity, the vessel code will show rather than the number of vessels over the grey box (like the number 42 below).