Perform a Juice Bleed/Saignée

A Juice Bleed or Saignée task can be completed and submitted through the mobile app.

  • Select the task from the Work Orders Page
  • Press "Start task" 
  • Select the "Bleed To" Vessels to pick a vessel to bleed into, or fill a pre-selected vessel

  • Select the specific vessel you want to fill or choose "Add Vessel" to select a new one
  • Enter the bleed amount into the "Ending Contents" section of each vessel being filled and press Save
  • Review the final contents of each vessel filled to make sure they are correct

  • Press the "Complete task" button 
  • When you are satisfied all information is correct press the "Submit Work Order" button to get your bleed into the system
  • You can see the action on the Lot Details Page under "History"