Going through a Rack task

To perform the Rack task in the mobile app, select the task from the work order and press "Start task" to begin. Select the vessel you wish to rack from. 

Set the ending contents of the "Rack from" vessel by entering the final gallonage in the "Remove" section or the "Ending contents" section. 

If no vessels were selected to Rack To in the work order, the section will appear red and you can click into the Vessels section to select a new vessel. Scroll though your vessels or search for specific ones by typing into the Search box. 

Select the vessel you want to add and click into it to add contents. Set your ending contents and press Save to get the racked wine into the new vessel. 

Returning to the main page will show your starting tank minus the racked gallons and your new receiving tank with the clean wine in it.

If you decided to save your lees, you can click into the vessel section of the lees lot to enter gallonage there. Select your vessel receiving the lees and type in the value being saved.  

You can add gallonage into the lees lot by choosing the "Add" section or putting the final gallonage into the "Ending contents" section and pressing Save. 

Confirm all movements, vessels, and gallons are correct in the summary before completing your Rack task. When you are satisfied all information is correct, Submit the Work Order to get the Rack movement into the system.