Deleting a Work Order

This article covers:

Deleting a Work Order before it is submitted:

Work orders can be deleted at any time before they are submitted, but can only be deleted from the web interface, and not from the mobile app. 

To delete an active work order:

Note: At least one task in a work order must be uncompleted to edit or delete a work order.

Deleting a Work Order after it is submitted:

After a work order is submitted, you can delete each task action from within the web interface. If there were multiple tasks within a work order, each one can be deleted individually. You can delete one, some, or all.

  • From the Work order details page:
  • From the Lot details page > History tab:



Q. How do I delete more than one work order at a time?

Currently work orders can only be deleted one at a time. 

Q. If I create a recurring work order, can I delete them all later?

After a recurring work order has been created, each work order is independent of the others. To delete multiple recurring work orders each one will need to be deleted or edited one-by-one.