Tracking Brandy or Distilled Spirits in InnoVint

This article covers how to add a source component in InnoVint to track your high proof alcohol and report the volume on the 5120.17 TTB report.

Note: For the 5120.17 TTB report, we use a default 50% ABV (or 100 proof) to calculate proof gallons. If you wish to use your exact proof gallons, you will need to manually update InnoVint's export of the 5120.17 accordingly.

  1. Add a "Vineyard" with the high proof spirit component.
  2. Next, create a new lot with this component. The tax class should be: Brandy or Distilled Spirit. For this example, the Add Lot page would look something like this:
  3. The last step is adding your volume to your new Brandy (or any high proof alcohol) lot. Record a Volume Adjustment under the Brandy lot and select your appropriate reason: Onboarding, Received in Bond, etc.. Select your vessels and fill with volume. Remember you can always leave a note to record more information about this transaction! The last step looks something like this:
  4. You're all set! Now you are tracking this distilled spirit and can make additions of this to your wine. Follow the directions in this article on how to add fortification materials to your wines to report on the 5120.17 TTB report correctly.