03/29/17: FOSS Integration & Tax Class Backdating

Good day InnoVintners! We have some new features to announce:

  • FOSS Integration: Upload results directly from your FOSS .csv exports
  • Tax Class Backdating: The date of a tax class change can now be specified

FOSS Analysis Integration

Do you have a FOSS product in-house, or do you send out samples to a vendor that analyzes your wines on a FOSS product? In our continued efforts to reduce data entry burden InnoVint now integrates with FOSS .csv exports to upload hundreds of sample results at once and automatically associate them with your lots or individual vessels. 

Learn more about FOSS integration in our Online Help Center's Analysis Import Section section. 

Tax Class Change Date Selection

When a tax class is declared or changed, InnoVint now requests the date in which this is being set: today, a previous date, or the date the lot was created. This is quite helpful when you fall behind in your declarations and need to backdate a change to fall within a desired reporting period.

REMINDER: Activate Dry Goods Tracking & Advanced Additions today

If you are interested in InnoVint's Dry Goods Tracking and Addition features, please reach out to us at support@innovint.us. Details on the feature can be referenced here in our Online Help Center.