04/24/17: Note & Analysis Editing, New Explorer Icons, and More

Good day InnoVintners! We have some new features to announce:


Note Editing

Recorded notes on lots, vessels, actions or tasks can now be edited or deleted from the web interface at any time. When viewing the note, click the blue pencil to make changes. Be aware that only the person that recorded the note can edit or delete it.

Analysis Editing

Analysis values can now be edited. From the Lot Detail Page, select the Analysis sub-tab then All analyses in a list. You will see the blue pencil icon to edit the value.

New Explorer Icons for Notes 

Looking for a quick reference to a note on a lot or vessel? You can now quickly grasp this information from the Lot Explorer and Vessel Explorer. If a lot or vessel has at least one note recorded on it, you'll see the icon and can hover over it for the details.

Notes on recorded actions and tasks can still be viewed on the All Winery Activity report under the Reporting tab.

Lot Detail Page: Open Work Order Listing

Rather than searching through all your open work orders for a lot reference, there is a new section on your lot detail pages: Open Work Orders. This section will list the open work orders that include the lot, along with other relevant work order details.

Updated Reporting Interface

The Reporting tab has a new look. We've re-designed the page to make parsing through your reports, both InnoVint default and your custom reports, more efficient. We've also renamed the default reports to reflect the stage of production.