05/26/17: Filter and Top Off actions, Harvest Quick-Buttons, and More

The InnoVint team continues to release more features and improvements! Your account has been activated with the following:

  • New "Filter" action and task
  • New "Top Off" action and task
  • Updated Analysis Task: Supports multi-vessel & multi-lot 
  • Open Work Order icons on Lot and Vessel Explorers
  • New Warning Pop-ups: over-filling a vessel; deleting a lot or vessel
  • Harvest Quick-Buttons for Brix and Temperature via the mobile app
  • ...and many other small but mighty improvements

New "Top Off" and "Filter" actions

You will see two new options in your Record Action and Add Task drop downs: Top Off and Filter.

The Top Off action/task should be used when you are filling vessels to capacity. An example of this is when you have completed a barrel ferment with under-filled barrels and you're ready to top them up. For the Filter action/task, you can now capture filtration activities and record any details as a note. Both of these action types can be searched for by name in the All Winery Activity report.

Updated Analysis Task Supports Multiple Lots and Vessels

When assigning Analysis tasks to your team by way of a work order, you can now select and assign more than one lot or more than one vessel at a time.

Make sure to download the newest Mobile App (v. 1.3.2) from the Apple App Store that supports this updated analysis task.

New Explorer Icons for Open Work Orders 

Interested in what lots and vessels are currently involved in open work orders? You can now see this information from the Lot Explorer and the Vessel Explorer with our new Work Order icons. If you hover over the icon you can view the work order titles, due date, status, and can also select them to be redirected to the work order itself.

New Warning Pop-ups

  • Submitting an action or task when a vessel volume exceeds the capacity
  • When you attempt to delete a vessel or a lot

Harvest Quick-Buttons: Brix and Temp

We now have a faster process for you to enter Brix and Temperature readings via a direct action in the mobile app. From any lot or vessel page, simply select "Brix" or "Temperature" from the Record Action button to record a new value.

Other Improvements

  • Lot Explorer shows vessel code instead of number of vessels if only one vessel contains that lot
  • Additive Explorer is now filterable by Owner
  • Additive Explorer is now exportable to Excel/csv
  • Lot and Vessel Code links in reports open up a new browser tab rather than re-load the page