02/17/17: Dry Goods Inventory Tracking & Advanced Additions

Additive Inventory Tracking

InnoVint has a new feature available: Additive inventory tracking for your dry goods and liquid solutions, and depletion of your on-hand additive inventory when making additions.

The new additive feature includes:

  • Additive tracking and depletion by type and product
  • Reporting of additions by batch (FDA compliant)
  • Addition rate is stored and applied to calculate additive amounts
  • SO₂ additions are calculated based on concentration and rate
  • Additions can include one or more additives
  • Additions can include one or more lots
  • Detailed instructions saved per additive type

More detail is available in our Online Help Center's Addition section.

This feature will be an additional cost for future clients however we are upgrading all current clients free of charge. If you wish to upgrade your Addition feature please respond to this email. It is not required to upgrade your current Addition functionality at this time.