11/13/17 - Vintage Variability Report, Expanded Analysis Import, and more

The software release on 11/13/17 includes:

New Features:

  • Vintage Variability Report: We've added a new report to your Winemaking Reports section. This report compares your estimated tonnage per block to actual tonnage received per block and reports on the % over/under for each vintage. It also predicts how many barrels you'll need and the estimated case count.

  • Analysis Import: We've taken the existing "FOSS analysis import" feature and overhauled it to accept a generic analysis upload as well as uploads branded for FOSS, myEnologist and Core Enology. There's also far more analyses and unit options to utilize! More information on the feature is located here.

  • Addition Export: There is a new 'Export' link on your Additive History feed in the upper right hand corner. This export specifies the additive breakdown by lot and by batch.

  • Password Reset - Forgot your password? You can reset it anytime by clicking the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page.



  • Load current vessels for each lot being topped in an active topping task
  • Custom Report selection is now a drop down and no longer runs across the page horizontally
  • Zero values now populate on the Ferm Work Order Generator
  • Lot selector field in actions and tasks refreshes every time a new page is loaded

Bug Fixes

  • Recognizes system-set expected yield when calculating additive amounts for vessel contents in weight