08/15/17 - New Harvest Features & Updates

The software release on 08/15/17 includes:

New Features:

  • "Advanced" Receive Fruit action and task: Allows wineries to enter individual scale readings and generates weight tags. This is an opt-in feature as an alternative to the existing "Simple" Receive Fruit and must be activated in the Settings section. You can view the difference between Simple and Advanced options here and read all about the Advanced version here.

  • Harvest Calendar: This calendar view is a helpful planning and reporting tool for crush pad equipment allocation and the daily expectations for red and white processing
  • Expected Yield: Wineries now have the ability to set expected yield defaults per varietal. Lots that are tracked in weight during primary fermentation (typical for reds) inherit an Expected Yield. The estimated volume per lot is then used to utilize volume-based additive rates and will update in the event of a juice bleed/Saignée. Expected yields are set under the Harvest tab in Settings.



  • New additive units available for all additive types: ton, mL, L
  • Additive rates can now accommodate weight: mL/ton, grams/ton
  • Addition action and task can now calculate additive amounts for lots measured in weight using Expected Yield value