How InnoVint is calculating SO₂ additions

InnoVint determines your rate of SO₂ addition based on the SO₂ type: Liquid, Dry/Powder, or Tablet.

Liquid SO₂:

Aqueous SO₂ can vary in concentrations, typically within 5-10% SO₂ by weight. We utilize the formula below for calculating the volume to add to each vessel based on your SO₂ rate (PPM to add) and % concentration:

Make sure that your rate of SO₂ to add is set to how much you want to increase your PPM by and you have the correct concentration % entered for the Additive.

Powder/dry SO₂:

The most common SO₂ additive in powder form is Potassium metabisulfite. KMBS (or PMBS) has typically 57.6% available SO₂ by weight. We utilize this formula for calculating the amount to add based on your volume and SO2 rate (ppm of addition):

If you are using a product that is not 57.6% available SO₂, make sure to update the Concentration % field when you are adding this additive:

When applied in an Addition task or action:

Tablet or Granule SO₂:

Inodose Tablets and Granules do not have an addition rate therefore when you add them you'll be specifying how many tablets you'd like added per vessel. Make sure if you are using different dosage levels that they are entered as separate Additives in your inventory.