How to use QR codes in InnoVint

Here is a short video showcasing InnoVint's QR code scanning capability.

What are QR codes?

QR (Quick Response) Codes are made up of black and white squares that store information and can be read using smartphone cameras. They are more useful than a standard barcode for vessel tracking as they store more information, work well in low light and if they are damaged or dirty, and do not need additional hardware or software besides your standard iPhone or iPod Touch camera and the InnoVint App.

QR codes are already associated with your vessels in InnoVint. All you need to do is generate the PDF and print them on your standard printer.

Some use cases for utilizing QR codes on your vessels:

  • To quickly reference what is in a particular vessel. Can look up Analytical history and action history associated with that vessel.
  • To record actions on a lot in a vessel
  • To quickly select vessels to fill in an digital work order

To scan:

In the Mobile App, look for the scanner (blue circle icon) on the Vessels tab or when Adding Vessels within a task. Click the icon, then hold the camera up to the QR code. It will automatically scan - no clicking necessary.