Bottling Report

The Bottling report lives under the Reporting tab in the left navigation bar.

This report shows all Bottling actions recorded in the system with valuable data about that lot such as:

  • Date bottled
  • Wine lot code
  • Bottled volume
  • Gains/Losses at time of bottling
  • Case Good Lot code (if case goods is turned on)
  • Format
  • Format counts
  • Tax class at time of bottling
  • Notes (hoverable icon)
  • Most recent wine chemistry on that lot (at the time of bottling)

Use the filters at the top to find Bottling records within a date range and for a specific owner or bond. The Bottling actions populate from most recent to least recent by date and you can export the report to csv file by clicking on Export at the top far right.


This report export is not supported by the Safari browser. If you encounter problems exporting this report, please ensure you are using the Chrome browser. 

 You have two options to export, and here is what they contain:

Export by Case Good

  • Bottling Date
  • URL
  • Wine lot code
  • Wine lot Name
  • Case Goods lot code
  • Case Goods lot Name
  • Bottled Volume (unit)
  • Gains/Losses
  • Format Type
  • Format Volume
  • Format Unit
  • Bottles per case
  • Number of full Cases
  • Number of extra Bottles
  • Total Bottles
  • Cases/Pallet
  • Tax Class
  • Notes

Export by bottling action

  • Bottling Date
  • Bottling Action URL
  • Wine lot code
  • Wine lot name
  • Bottled Volume (unit)
  • Gains/Losses
  • Case Goods Lot(s)
  • Formats
  • Tax Class
  • Notes
  • Analysis (most recent three results) of lot at bottling
    • Alcohol
    • TA
    • PH
    • Free SO2
    • Total SO2
    • CO2
    • VA
    • Malic
    • Sugar