8/10/21 Release Notes - Dry Goods for Costing & Improved Process Fruit Task

The software releases for August 10, 2021 include:


Dry Goods for Costing 

  • Clients with our Costing Feature activated now have our Dry Goods Explorer feature.
  • The Additive Explorer has been replaced by the Dry Goods Explorer to now track both your additive and packaging inventory. 
  • Click "+ Receive packaging" to add new packaging products and batches, then apply it to lots during a Bottle action. 
  • See more details in the Dry Goods section and the Bottle article in the Support Center. 
  • Don't have the Dry Goods Batch Tracking & Addition Calculator? Email us at support@innovint.us to activate! 

Process Fruit to Volume & Weight in Work Orders 

  • In the Process Fruit to Volume and Process Fruit to Weight tasks, for the Receive fruit to process section, you can now enter an expecting starting weight and have the option to leave a specific weight remaining or a specific weight to process. 
    • The "Edit" button allows you to adjust the Expected Starting Weight and the Task Weights
    • Individual Task Submit allows for Receive Fruit and Process Fruit to Weight/Volume tasks to update in real time when combined in the same work order

    Bug Fixes

    • Roll Forward Report and Cost Over Time Report headers correct
    • Process Fruit displaying action details

    • Total Bottled costs include packaging