6/22/21 Release Notes - Workflow changes to Additive Batch Tracking feature

The software releases for June 22, 2021 include:


Additives Explorer 

  • New way to receive additives! Utilize the "+ Receive Additive" slide over to input new additive types and batches as well as receive more inventory. 
  • Add new additive products and new batches from within the Receive Additive slide over. 
  • Find a new action "Receive Dry Good" action in the batch history
  • Notes now available on Product details, Batch details, and Receive Dry Good actions.  
  • See more details in the Additive Batch Tracking & Addition Calculator section of our Online Support Center.
  • Don't have our Additive Batch Tracking & Addition Calculator? Email us at support@innovint.us to activate! 

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory at Point in Time Report totals & units 
  • Lot cost tab showing correct finished goods cost 
  • B2B to another InnoVint winery owners 
  • iPad top navigation bar