3/03/2022 Release Notes: Cost Audit Report Addition

The software releases for March 3, 2022 include: 


Cost Audit Report - Volume Adjustment Reasons

The Cost Audit Report now shows the title of the Volume Adjustment action as well as the reasoning for the Volume Adjustment making this report, making this report easier to understand and sort. 

Bug Fixes

  • Analyses tasks won't submit due to error message stating "Lot is not in vessel at time of task submission"
  • Labels for Amphora and Egg vessels
  • Fruit Cost worksheet costs for wineries using tonnes or kg
  • "Style" analysis units in tasks
  • Bottle (Case Goods) task saved in new Template reverting to Bottle (Non-Case Goods) task when opened from saved template
  • Add cost to Packaging after action recorded not updating Cost tab in Lot details page

  • Units Missing from Analysis Tasks
  • Maintenance announcement on printed work orders

  • Edit Cost Item action not accounting for expected yield

  • Cost item action edit disproportionately distributing lot cost