2/04/2022 Release Notes: Lot Composite Analysis Task Vessel Display

The software releases for February 4, 2022 include: 


Lot Composite Analysis Task Vessel Display

Vessel number is now displayed for Analysis tasks being run with lot composite samples. This gives the cellar crew a reference for how many vessels they are looking for when pulling a lot composite sample. If only one vessel exists for a lot, the vessel code will be displayed. 

Bug Fixes

  • Editing costs not being applied to packaging in lots
  • Winery Activity Feed missing actions: Bottling en Tirage, Weight Transfer, Add Packaging, Remove Taxpaid
  • "Pull Sample for ETS" task not showing in Open Work Orders section of Lot Details Page

  • "Pull Sample for ETS" tasks are not showing in the history of the lot
  • Global action bar pushing record action button to second line when narrow
  • Edit vessel in submitted B2B out action not saving changes
  • Submitted action details for Bottle and Disgorge, Dosage, & Package actions
  • Action line items (Winery Activity Feed & Lot History) not grouping vessels together for certain actions

  • BOL Slideover activating incorrectly on submitted actions

  • Vessels deleted from Bottling Work order showing volume in TTB Report and Audit Report

  • Display vessel codes for Topping Lots in a work order task

  • Remove vessels in Bottle task not saving