7/12/21 Release Notes - Dry Goods feature release

The software releases for July 12, 2021 include:

New Feature Release:

Dry Goods Explorer

  • The Additive Explorer has been replaced by the Dry Goods Explorer to now track both your additive and packaging inventory. 
  • Click "+ Receive packaging" to add new packaging products and batches, then apply it to lots during a Bottle action. 
  • See more details in the Dry Goods section and the Bottle article in the Support Center. 
  • Don't have the Dry Goods Batch Tracking & Addition Calculator? Email us at support@innovint.us to activate! 

Note: The Packaging portion of the new Dry Goods feature is not yet released to accounts with the Cost Tracking add-on activated. Updates will be announced in the coming weeks. (7/12/21)


Harvest Launchpad 

  • Now displays Fruit lot for incoming scheduled fruit
    • For accounts with Advanced Vineyard Tracking activated. If you would like to activate email support@innovint.us.

Warning Modals

  • New workflow for warning messages to prevent page timeouts! 

Bug Fixes

  • Lot labels download
  • Bottle action formats 
  • All additive batches displayed 
  • Dosage lot fill level